15AC-552 – C-GUFG (09)

One of the last Sedans produced, 15AC-552 left the Aeronca factory in 1951. Following the death of its previous owner, it had been sitting for several years. Between 2004 and 2012, its Continental engine was run every now and then to avoid damage from storage. In 2012, Alexandre Schoch, a Swiss living in Canada and working as a commercial pilot with Grondair, purchased the airplane. He is now flying and enjoying the Sedan regularly and keeps it at Saint-Ferdinand airport (CSH5) in Québec, Canada. Next summer, it will be relocated to Saint-Frédéric airport (CSZ4), Québec, home base of Grondair. 

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Photos © Gaston Grondin (01-03), Alexandre Schoch (4,5,9), Jean-Marie Girard (6-8)

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