15AC-070 – N1055H (39)

This 1948 Sedan had been sitting in a barn in St. Maries, Idaho, between 1978 and 2006, when Chester Nelson discovered it and started a 2-year frame-off restoration. The previously cream colored fuselage was painted in a classy looking silver with black trim, still retaining the polished wings. Chester also upgraded to the STC'd 80" x 42" McCauley propeller available from Burl Rogers. In combination with the 145 hp Continental O-300, he reports a significantly improved performance, well worth the money. A couple of years later, Chester repainted the aircraft in a sporty dark blue and white scheme (photos 14-18). But only recently did he discover his love for that classic scheme, which so well compliments the Sedan's elegant lines (photos 19-39). As you can see, his Sedan is a real family affair! N1055H is based at Pine River (KPWC), Minnesota, USA. Congratulations on a wonderful restoration job, Chester! Enjoy your Sedan!

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Photos © Chester Nelson

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